Inspiration Bazaar

arcosanti by lillian wilkie

I love the grain, colors, lines, and contrast in this image. Very dreamlike.

dream space by mike perry

Workspaces of the future shouldn't be limited. Mike paints a beautiful vision of one.

boxy by 89-A

Normally, loading indicators are boring... but I can't stop looking at this one.

UNIX desktop by addy-fe

There's a whole community around custom Linux skins. Some of them are drop-dead gorgeous.

cameron's world

This is a celebration of the oddity, character, and care that was put into Geocities sites in the '90s.

put that there

One of the many experimental interfaces that came out of the legendary MIT Media Lab. Watch until the end, lol.

current condition

Deeply nostalgic and expressive, Current Condition emulates the Weather Channel broadcasts of my youth.

projected interface by ryhan

Rhyan's digital interface intrudes into the real world, and that's why I love the concept of it.

waterpark by evan prosofsky

The stale, consumeristic view of a mall is transformed into an oddly intimate setting in this short film.

chunk of change by passion pit

The first album I fell in love with. Still my favorite to this day; it feels like a big warm hug.

balloon launch by walter wick

Walter Wick is an amazingly nostalgic artist for me, and the way he approaches play and crafted environments is fantastic.

big chute marine railway

A large, obtuse example of great design, reminding us that design isn't just aesthetic.

apple mac music video

Set to "Again & Again" by the Bird & the Bee, this 2008 masterpiece of delight.

byte magazine: hypertext

A number of articles running through the concept (which was fresh off the press in 1988) of Hypertext, the precurser to the internet.

synthetic cells by michael rees

Inflatable vinyl structures that communicate whim and novelty, augmented with AR additions

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