Hi there! I'm Tyler. I'm a designer, maker, and entrepreneur; thanks for visiting! You can see my experience and work below, but first, let's touch on some of my core beliefs regarding design.

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Design needs to express.

That’s why I believe in the eclectic. If everyone has the same style, then nobody has style. And that’s not a world that I want to live in.


Design needs to inspire.

Inspiration is the foundation of wonder. Wonder helps us to see things in new ways in this increasingly complicated world.


Design needs to be human.

Things should feel intimate, yet simple. When people are comfortable, they are more inclined to adopt, create, and flourish.

My Experience

Magnetize Media



BA, Chinese



Holos, Inc.


Magnetize Media was, in many ways, the start of my professional learning process. In August of 2012 I had my first client; a senior portrait session for a high school classmate accompanied by his mom. This was the first time I was being paid, so the pressure was on. I came out of it with more knowledge and experience with dealing with people under delicate constraints and expectations. I went on to amass over 15 other clients in photography and expanded into web and graphic design. Since I had at this point started college at the UW, there was an extra pressure to balance my clients and schoolwork. It was at that time that I completed four different sites, including one for a consulting firm in Madison (ReSCI), Krueger Lumber Co., WCDEFA, and NS Longboards out of Sheboygan. Working directly with the clients, these projects were all rewarding in their own right and they all taught me something different about project management and execution.

The courses that I took at UW-Madison helped me to see things from a different perspective. While my curriculum was rooted in Chinese, I took a breadth of courses in Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Art, History, Sculpture, and Video Games & Learning. Juggling work with school was challenging, but properly balancing my time was a good skill to learn.

My work at Spectrom taught me what it takes to take things to the emerging technology market. They launched their full-color 3D printing add-on at CES 2015, so I had to balance the press, tech enthusiasts, and a group of people signed up for the beta.

My latest endeavor is Holos, an XR software company that I co-founded in 2015 with my partner in Madison, has kept me immensely busy with various activities, from marketing, to software and business development, and of course, design. The experience and craft that I learned during my time through Magnetize Media helped me immensely with the tribulations that come from running a startup. There were a slew of unique challenges that came with a software startup, however, that caused me to grow and manage even further. Raising capital, marketing and delivering a product, and convincing talent and partners to join in on our vision we’re just a few of the things that I had to juggle 24/7.

I have been lucky to have participated in a number of accelerators, including Discovery to Product on campus, gBETA (a gener8tor accelerator), and Madworks. These programs have introduced me to well over 60 mentors, and 40 investors, and they have provided me with the tools I need to be a successful founder. Moreover, I'm extremely fortunate to be able to call some of these people my best friends.

I am thankful and proud to have been on the forefront of user experience and design for this new medium. Understanding what works, what feels natural, and what feels powerful in XR has been (and still is) an immensely rewarding experience. Being a co-founder of the Madison XR meetup of 700+ has taught me the power and necessity of community; things are better when you build them with the support of others. It continues to be an amazing process of conceptualizing completely new designs and bringing them to people in the form of a product that they enjoy using everyday.

My Work

Holos, Inc.

I've been working on Holos for over two years, doing product design, site, branding, marketing, business development.

Holos, Inc.

Launch video for the Beta of Holos. Creative direction, capture, and editing.


A sculpture piece exploring the unsettling nature of AI by giving it a phyisical form.

Holos, Inc.

UI & UX for the user-facing online component of Holos, allowing them to easily navigate the market and add apps to their collection.


A report looking at 上海話 (Shanghainese)'s linguistic features via an interview with a speaker of the dialect.

Krueger Lumber Co.

Website design, server migration, and photography for a lumber mill based in Eastern Wisconsin.

Hacker Noon

Throughout the last 50 years, we have seen numerous interfaces come to light, some good, some bad, and some downright ridiculous.

Magnetize Media

Portrait photography taken during a wonderful tour (guided by myself) around Madison, WI.

Magnetize Media

Portrait photography set in the sand dunes in Sheboygan county, on the shore of Lake Michigan.


Capstone research project for my History 600. My research used first-hand sources to explore the motivations of John Earl Baker’s relationship with China.

Madison XR

Madison XR branding, site, blogging, and identity. Made the site entirely with the CSS Grid layout.

Holos, Inc.

Developer experience and design for uploading content to the Holos Marketplace.


A B&W Polaroid shot of mine colorized and animated with a car scanned in from an advert.

Hacker Noon

My response to Michael Seibel’s post on the Y Combinator blog and subsequent discussion on Hacker News in Jan. ’17.

Holos, Inc.

Initial concept work for the online Holos Marketplace. The design is meant to put the developer's creation first.


Polaroid (Land 250) shot of a jetty in my hometown of Sheboygan, WI.


A research paper exploring Minecraft as a learning tool using James Gee's 13 Principles as a lens.


Taken during my 2015 startup field trip to San Francisco.

Holos, Inc.

We often have to concept ideas for interfaces in 2D before we try them in 3D.

Inspiration Bazaar

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Why me?!?

I know what it takes to get something to market. I have made and want to continue making things that people enjoy using and take in as their own. I approach design as a system, not as a tool. As such, I can author a variety of content, from overall branding to video, messaging, product flow, UI elements. I’m well-connected within the startup world, specifically in VR and AR. I’m an excellent communicator. I’m in it for the long haul. I’ll always be honest. I don’t round corners (unless it’s a button). I'm there for you.